Kelly D.

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Advisor Profile
Advisor Name: Kelly D
Category: Non-denominational Counselor
Service Description: Empathic, Intuitive Advisor, Life Coach, Clairvoyant
Service Detail: I’m an Empathic, Intuitive Advisor, Life Coach, Clairvoyant with an Electric Soul. Acting as a Medium for your consciousness, I will provide divine guidance through mentoring you in how to step into your personal power. Whether you are seeking career counseling, relationship advice, or answers to your life questions, my readings will activate your soul’s remembrance to radically transform your daily life.
Education & Experience: As a Certified Lightworker Practitioner I’ve been coached and mentored by Sahvanna Arienta to share my light with the world. I’ve been a Human Resources professional for the past 10 years and I’ve had the pleasure to help transform thousands of people’s lives to help them get their dream jobs.
As an Intuitive Advisor, I will help you unmask the darkness in your life and will provide answers to help you choose the best path to navigate The Way to a more fulfilled life.
My unique healing gifts will broadcast important information for your future self to your emotional body, in the present moment. It’s my goal to help awaken your DNA to receive divine answers so you can live a Heaven on Earth reality.
Generating self-confidence, and widening your perception, we will create a positive momentum in which you no longer desire to make choices that sabotage the success of your life.
I will be able to bring awareness and upgrade your relationships to help you identify your soul’s memory for how worthy you are to thrive in every area of your life.
Let me help make The Way ahead easier for you by shining light with my spiritual advice and healing energy to gently assist you to support your daily success.

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