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Advisor Name: Nelly444
Category: Spiritual
Service Description: Divine messages to heal any area of your life!
Service Detail: I am a fourth generation Intuitive healer and I am here to help you find your life purpose, improve your career, finances, love life, health and relationships. My highest intention is to uplift your energy with the Angels so you can enjoy a happy new life. By the God’s grace I had the honor to study with Dr. Doreen Virtue for eight years and am a certified Angel Therapist (Angel Therapy Practitioner) with Advanced Training, and Past Life Reader, Aura Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and a Crystal Healer. I have also published six books on spirituality.

The Angel Healing session with me includes:
– angel reading (channeled messages from your angels. I may use angel oracle cards and all my intuitive senses – seeing, knowing, feeling, hearing)
– aura clearing (releasing of all negative imprints and scars in your aura)
– aura protection (shielding with the angels)
– grounding with the angels
– chakra opening
– chakra balancing
– angel healing (done during a deep meditation with your angels and guides; you may be able to see/feel/hear/experience your angels too).

During the healing session, as guided by your angels, I may do sound healing. I play my angelic harp, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, a gong and I use Crystals for deeper lasting effects of the healing. The distance doesn’t effect the healing.

All information is confidential. Only messages that you are ready to hear at this time of your life will be brought up to your attention.

I am looking forward to talk to you and to your angels. Bless your heart!

Education & Experience: A fourth generation psychic, Nelly grew up in Bulgaria with stories about Angels and Guides. Her intuitive abilities deepened after a car accident when an SUV hit her (and the driver ran away) while she was crossing the street. At the time of the accident Nelly saw a bright golden light and Jesus, who came to save her life, alongside Archangel Michael. Following that, Nelly experienced miraculous healing with the Angels and events, including a near-death experience, which brought much love and compassion to her. She is grateful for being given a second chance to live and share the divine message: WE ARE ONE!

Additional trainings: Intensive Training in Intuitive Compassionate Face Reading with Harijiwan, Intensive training in releasing Past Life memories through Kundalini Yoga and Meditations (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) with Tej and Harijiwan, Kabbalah with Gahl Sasson, Past Lives with Gahl Sasson, Sound and Music Healing, Chakra Balancing, Healing with Crystals, Sacred Numerology, deep study and practicing of eastern martial arts and philosophy (second degree black belt in Karate).

Before dedicating to spiritual teaching, Nelly was a TV Host and Producer. For many years she interviewed champions, movie stars, celebrities, people of all walks of life; she lived the life in the fast line and now Nelly teaches to release stress, relax and connect to Infinity through Kundalini Yoga and Angel Therapy. Her classes are inspiring, healing, musical and awaken the creative power within. Nelly has taught classes in Golden Bridge Yoga (Hollywood, CA), Yoga West (Los Angeles), Karuna Yoga (Los Angeles), FBE Spa (Beverly Hills), Riken-Brain Science Institute in Tokyo and in Hawaii.

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