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Advisor Profile
Advisor Name: Charleen
Category: Spiritual
Service Description: Clairvoyance Spiritual Solutions Tarot/AngelTarot Crystal Healing Solutions
Service Detail: Clairvoyance/Clairaudience Empathic Gifts Crystal Healing Solutions Spiritual Solutions
Traditional Tarot and Angel Tarot
Thirty-six years of experience in education/diagnostics allows for unique insight into educational/family solutions.
Education & Experience: Charleen is an Empath and has learned to use her gifts to help children, parents and others throughout her career. As a young child, she often commented on things that were ‘happening’ to others-and those tings were later proved to be true. Dream connections with those who have passed as well as clairaudience, clairvoyance, and the psychic “gut feeling” have always been the reasons that her friends, families and others (often strangers) have sought her advice. A strong reliance on the Holy Spirit, her spirit guides, information from those who have passed on and her empathic gift allow Charleen to find solutions to issues and questions. Charleen listens to the “still, small voice” inside and heeds her gut feelings as well as the information from the Universe. She uses Traditional and Angel Tarot and crystals as tools for guidance. Charleen continues to hone her clairvoyant skills, her Tarot skills and her crystal skills with several well-known teachers. She also consults several successful astrologers for back-up information.
Charleen’s unique journey through abuse and healing offer her insights into the art of “being human” in a spiritual worl

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