Claire G.

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Advisor Name: Claire G
Category: Psychic/Clairvoyant
Service Description: Psychic Medium,Oracle Cards, Energy transfer and more
Service Detail: I am able to connect with spirits of loved ones who have gone before and opened my door to this to
this wonderful gift , as well as utilizing the energy of Angels and Higher realms to tell you about areas of your life in the past. These validations of the past give us the connection of trust that then allows me to tell you more about your future. I then use my mediumship to communicate with our lost loved ones and deliver messages about a wide range of areas. Such as messages from beyond/distant healing/remote viewing/crystal and energy guiding / relationship help/Oracle cards and many other areas.
Education & Experience: 20 Plus year’s of Communicating with loved ones and Angels. 15 years of remote viewing and distance energy healing/transfer. 10 plus years of Spiritual Guidance in all areas .

3 thoughts on “Claire G.

  1. I really liked my reading with Claire. She picked up on specific details that no one would have known except me. Will definitely be seeking her insight in the future.


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