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Advisor Profile
Advisor Name: Bethany.
Category: Psychic/Clairvoyant
Service Description: Spirit and Angel Guidence

Service Detail: Through intuitive guidance, Bethany will assist you on your personal journey towards self discovery, healing, peace and enlightenment.

As a natural-born intuitive and medium, Bethany has had many encounters with the unknown. Ever since she can remember, she has been able to interact with people long gone, is aware of past and future events, and she knows, feels, sees and can hear about people and their lives she has never met.

Having felt compelled to learn more about her gifts, a life time of study and research has brought clarity and insight to Bethany which she now shares with others.

Working with Spirit, Bethany channel’s messages, guidance and healing for the clients highest good.

“I am divinely blessed to bring peace and understanding for my clients higher good and to assist in the raising of the collective consciousness across our planet”…Bethany

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