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From the age of three I have communed with the angels and have received messages through dreams, channeling and visions. I utilize tarot, oracle cards, pendulums, and channeling of angelic messages. I specialize in love, twin flames, soul mates, relationships, past lives, career, life purpose, crystal healing and reiki.
Each reading is done within a sacred space imbued with healing energy for the highest good of all. As a reiki healer, counselor and empath, I can quickly pick up on your energy and guide you to give you clarity while energetically raising your vibration to help you remove any blocks holding you back from the life that you deserve and desire. You will be guided by channeled messages from your guides and Angels to propel your dreams into action! Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Tarot Reader, Certified Reiki Master. BA Sociology/ Minor in Social Work.

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23 thoughts on “Ginger B.

  1. Will you pls pick up my vibration to make srure I have cut all ties from me.Help me to understand what I must do to comuncatic with my guides and with the angles.I want to grow more spirtual.thank you.


      1. I have had the privilege of having several readings done by Ginger B. Life Purpose, Love Life, Past Life, as well as Angel readings. All have been accurate. Like spot on accurate. She has always left me feeling tons better, and so comforted. You have to check her out! ❤ ❤


    1. I’ve had several readings by Ginger B. She is a very talented reader and has always been right on. I have always felt very comforted by her angel readings, and love readings.


  2. I’ve had 2 readings via fb msg & email with Ginger B. Loved both & will read with her again. She is positive & messages filled with love. Definitely recommend!!!


  3. Ginger is an amazing reader. She has a gentleness about her when she delivers her angel messages. I have had 8 readings over 8 months and I resonated with all over them 1000%. I have followed the guidance provided in the reading which has led to a beautiful spiritual growth in my life. I have removed some huge blockages and I’m on my way to true self love. I’m grateful and fortunate to have met her and to have her deliver the most important messages in a loving way.. I highly recommend her!!!


  4. I found the fist think I read very telling. Found it interesting degree in social work since I have both a bachelors and masters degree in this. I have always been intuitive. Use to dream about things that gave me answers for self. Have a gift of telling when there is difficulty with someone passing. I can sense it in environments: I have been unemployed for several months now with Money that is owed to me by my former employer. My husband told one of his friends I do volunteer work because of this. Many things are unsettled right now so could really relate to the first reading. Thank you for posting.


  5. I have just had a fantastic reading from Ginger B.
    I feel I have closure with help from the angels. I believe that I have a good future ahead of me now that I know how to release karmic emotions.
    The reading was very believing and detailed.
    I am looking forward to my next reading.
    Thank you Ginger B.


  6. Hi Ginger, i want like to ask you to guide me in my life, so many things are happening to me, my life is a coaster for 2 years now, i mostly enjoy it but it is taking so much energy of me, can you pick a card for me and see how it will go and especially my great desire to moe to Africa, i know for sure it is coming but can not predict yet when, i know i need to be patient, and love of my life is living their and we want to be together.
    God bless and thank you.


  7. Love my readings with Ginger! Each reading is clear, concise and full of love! She has an amazing way of letting you know the information she receives and how to make positive changes in your life! Her guidance, support and love are evident in her messages and they always resonate with me. She has validated so many things I had been feeling since childhood. She is absolutely the best! And I love how she gives me direction to heal myself and grow.


  8. I did the one question reading with Ginger…she is so accurate and amazing in every way…I love her daily readings on Facebook…and I was touched so very deeply by her answers to my one question because the Angels have been giving me hints of the Joy and beauty that is on its way …and she confirmed…I Love you Ginger you are truly a Beautiful Soul…I will definitely most highly recommend you….You are so very beautiful to me…Eternally Grateful ❤❤❤


  9. I just got my reading from Ginger B. It was amazing. Everything she told me resonated like I already knew what she was saying. From the numbers I always see and the butterflies and pennies from Heaven and so on. She has a friendly, kind, gentle way about her. Makes me feel comforted. I will definitely get more readings from her in the future and highly recommend her. Bless you Ginger!


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