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Advisor Profile
Advisor Name: Breezy
Category: Psychic/Clairvoyant
Service Description: Compassionate—-Choose A WISE Woman For Guidance – What’s Next?
Service Detail: Greetings! My name is Breezy. Welcome to my Profile.

Have you ever tried to muddle through a situation where you cannot quite
figure out where you Stand in a Love Relationship? With a Work Colleague?
With a Business Partner? A Family Member?

I am your hand to hold when you need someone with wisdom and sound advice
In a non-judgmental style of reading.

Have you reached a roadblock where you feel like you are spinning your wheels only
to end up in the same place?

Every caller is special and unique to me. All your concerns are taken in confidence,
and I will endeavor to sort out your biggest concerns with prompt honest answers.

You May Have These Similar Questions…

What are their Intentions?
What are they Really Feeling?
Will they ever make a Consistent Effort towards the Relationship?
Is this relationship Worth all my time and Energy?
Why do they pursue me one
minute and ignore me the next minute?
Why can’t I seem to give up on this relationship?
Am I wasting my time?
Will They Ever Come Back?

Please understand,

I do not provide TIME FRAMES.
I do not answer WHEN questions.

I feel when one worries about (when)
something will happen,
it interferes with the purity
and flow of the energies.

I have mentored many people who are having
some issues or roadblocks in their relationships,
and most times, I can help advise how best to get
things back on track to a healthier happier relationship…

My gift is in the prediction of your outcome.
Expect a frank no nonsense session…

I do not judge my clients.
With that said, no question is too silly;

Expect an honest answer.
I am not personally involved in your life;
so i can remain impartial and provide you
with the truth.

I will never try to sell you a spell or
encourage you to buy a ritual…
If you feel your home needs a
spiritual cleansing* I will advise
you what to buy only that which
is necessary to do so on your own*
(for free)

Education & Experience: I am your (Hand-To-Hold) when your intuition is giving you mixed signals or confusing
answers. I believe my compassion comes from having lived and experienced the
same kind of issues many of you come to me with.

It helps to have a Trusted friend who will provide the honesty you seek.

My Clients are from all over the world. Each one brings a special situation to tackle.

Last but not least, I will never try to sell you a spell or ask you to buy anything like
a Prayer or Candle. My prayers for you are free!

Over 35,000 satisfied Client’s…

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