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Advisor Name: Doreen4944
Category: Psychic/Clairvoyant
Service Description: Channeled messages from your angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.
Service Detail: Doreen has over 10 years experience with channeling angelic messages, metaphysical counseling, intuitive healing, and distance energy healing. She also incorporates messages from your deceased loved ones during her readings and channeling.
Education & Experience: Doreen is owner of Art & Soul, Healing & Visual Arts in RI. She facilitates workshops and trains students in both Reiki and as professional Angel Card Readers. In addition to a variety of healing and counseling certifications throughout New England, she was certified in 2006 in California as an AngelTherapy Practitioner(R) and in 2008 in Hawaii as a Certified Medium both by Doreen Virtue,PhD. Doreen is currently creating her own oracle card deck and expects it to be available in late 2011.

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